Bison Hunts

Hunts are available from September to late February. Here in northern Alberta, you can expect frost at nights in September, snow by the beginning of November and we can get very cold temperatures by January. The best time to harvest a Bison bull with a good cape for mounting is from late September to late January, however, bulls we can hunt year around. We hunt bulls, 2 to 4 years of age mainly for meat, but their heads will make nice mounts too. The trophy bulls we are hunting are old breeding bulls, 8 to 15 years of age, real Giants of impressive size and
hardiness. We recommend the use of 300 caliber or larger to harvest those trophy bulls.

Bison Hunts -2023 Pricing

3 day Bison Hunts for Cows or Heifers

  • 2 Hunters to 1 Guide $2,950.00 (each)
  • 1 Hunter to 1 Guide $3,250.00

3 day Bison Hunts for Bulls, (1000 to 1400 pound live weight, 2 to 4 years old)

  • 2 Hunters to 1 Guide $4,450.00 (each)
  • 1 Hunter to 1 Guide $4,950.00

3 day Bison Hunts for Trophy Bulls, (average 2000 pound live weight)

  • 2 Hunters to 1 Guide $7,750.00 (each)
  • 1 Hunter to 1 Guide $8,250.00

3 day Bison Hunts for Record Book Bulls (SCI Gold medal)
We have every year some bulls with 20 inch horns plus, please enquire.

What is included in your Hunt:

  • 3 days fully guided Hunt
  • 3 nights accommodation in our hunting cabin in the preserve
    ( you arrive in the evening before your first hunting day)
  • All food and meals, nonalcoholic beverages provided at the preserve
  • Trophy fee for one Bison according to hunt booked
    (Please note: If you wound a Bison and we can not find it, it counts as a kill.
  • All meat, head and hide and other parts of the Bison is yours.
  • Airport pickup and return if neccessary
  • Transport of meat or trophy to a local processing facility

What is not included in your Hunt:

  • *All your expenses before and after your hunt
  • Meat processing, shipping charges of meat or trophy
  •  Taxidermy services
  • Meals outside the preserve
  • GST or Gratuity

Booking your Hunt

Please Contact us for open dates available.
or call Manfred at 780-916-1988 for further information.