Basic Bison Meat Hunts

For hunters more interested in the experience of hunting bison, with the goal in mind to fill there freezer with
delicious, prime, healthy bison meat. The bison we would be hunting, would be either a heifer or bison cow.

Trophy Bison Hunts

Our trophy bulls are in the 10 year old range and of gigantic in size. Harvesting one of those enormous Trophy
animals may be your Hunt of a lifetime.

What is included in your Hunt:

  • 2 nights accommodations at our hunting cabin or in a Hotel in Weslock for Meat Hunts (2 hunters per room)
  • 3 nights accommodations at our hunting cabin or in a Hotel in Westlock for Trophy Hunts (2 hunters per room)
  • Trophy fee for 1 Bison. All the meat, hide and head. Please Note: If you wound a bison and we cannot find it, that counts as a kill.
  • Experienced guide service, guarantee to harvest one bison
  • All food and meals, nonalcoholic beverages provided at the preserve
  • Transportation from Westlock to preserve, if needed
  • Field preparation and skinning of your animal and loading into your truck
  • Delivery of the meat to local meat processor, if required

What is not included in your Hunt:

  • All expenses before and after the hunt
  • Meat processing or shipping charges of meat or trophy
  • Taxidermy services
  • Meals outside the preserve
  • Gratitude

Please contact for more information